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Role of Blockchain in Universal Basic Asset Program

Universal Basic Asset

Universal Basic Asset (UBA Finance) has received lots of attention from users and is it worth the time? Nearly 10,000 people are using the internet for free every day. What is the amount of profit he can make you?

In the crypto industry the world of cryptocurrency, there are millions of people earning money each day, and they receive huge airdrops each day simply because they are aware of certain projects ahead of time and take the time to understand and taking part in these projects. Universal Basic Asset (UBA Finance) has recently been embraced by a growing number of users, so who is he? What is his value and what value could he offer you?

What’s the Universal Basis Asset

Universal Basic Asset

Universal Basic Asset Construct SocialFi network and a decentralized Identity (DID) method that provides privacy protections within WEB 3.0. UBA Finance introduces the concept of UBI through the study and analysis of user and their connections, which transforms user-related relationships that were previously on-chain into the chain, and creates the user relationship network the chain and makes use of its UBA system for rating networks and analyses to work in conjunction with PageRank along with other methods to analyze users in a precise manner and allow it to be used by the WEB 3.0 developers.

Universal Basic Asset utilizes zero-knowledge proof to create a user data privacy layer. By using this privacy layer, users can verify their identity and the legitimacy of their identity tag without sharing their personal data with the chain. This way the SocialFi network as well as the DID (DID) system that provides privacy security within WEB 3.0 are built.

Universal Basic Asset APP

Universal Basic Asset was launched within Canada by 2021. According to the uba finance website it is described as an application that lets users mine cryptocurrency using your smartphone or computer.

If you’re familiar with cryptocurrency mining, you’ll know that it typically requires expensive special equipment that consumes power at a rate that is exorbitant. The price of cryptocurrency mining deters many, however UBA Finance attracts many people due to its ability to allow the use of smart phones for mining. Users it doesn’t require an application, simply visit the official site and sign up with an email address. Or, go to the site in the browser for cryptocurrency wallets and link to your wallet and you are able to participate in mining.

Universal Basic Asset

It is clear that the process in UBA Finance is very simple but that does not mean that it’s not good. Universal Basic Asset (UBA) is a way to connect the relationship that is found in the chain onto the on-chain via simple mining. It quickly gathers users, and utilizes various tools and algorithms to create an own UBA that it can offer access to WEB3.0 developers.

In conjunction with UBA’s UBA users’ relationship platform, UBA will support developers to build high-quality eco-friendly projects, which include but are not only chat software forums, social platforms, chat software and many other applications.

SocialFi developers can tap into the influence and relationship of UBA’s huge users via the UBA network. You can bypass the cold start link and focus on the actual development.

GameFi developers can utilize UBA’s UBA network and the user labeling function to execute product actions such as custom-designed tasks such as exclusive mining pools airdrops, joint NFTs and more. So as to precisely import traffic within the targeted user group.

What is the UBA economy?


UBA Crypto Trader as well as UBA Influencer 3D Avatar are the representation of the identities of UBA users within the UBA ecosystem. They are currently logged into Markets for Binance NFT, OKX and NFT. Ownership of all rights, interests and exclusive rights for example, NFT mining pool increasing mining coefficient, voting on governance.


SUBA is the proof of identity for users in the UBA network that is distinct than UBA NFT. SUBA will be integrated into the whole UBA ecological system, which holds the rights and interest of UBA NFT, and will be able to provide the first priority to participation in ecological projects and be awarded rewards in the near future.

The SUBA feature is:

It is not transferable. Users are unable to transfer the SUBA rights to another user;

Uniqueness: A customer will only be able to receive only one SUBA

UBA Tickets

UBA Ticket is distributed fairly depending on the user’s internet time and output decreases by 25% per year. In the UBA environment, UBA Ticket will be used to transfer tickets Quota along with UBA Token, NFT upgrade and synthesis, as well as to pledge UBA Ticket to improve the user levels and team level coefficients and so on.

UBA Token

The Universal Basic Asset Token (UBA Token) is the token used to govern the project. UBA Token is used to aid in the growth and growth of the UBA ecosystem. It also can be used to circulate up to 1 billion tokens.

In accordance with the formal description, UBA intends to elect members via the community during the 2nd quarter 2023. It is based on the UBA User Relationship Network, it will help developers and develop ecologically superior projects, such as but not restricted to chat software forums, social platforms and various other applications. In addition, it will strengthen the relationships among the members of the group, and boost participation and influence.

How to Mine Universal Basic Asset

Universal Basic Asset

Follow the steps below to begin mining UBA right now and get it for free until the opportunities run out.

Step 1: Sign Up on UBA website. You will be awarded 1569.05298 mining quote at the top following successfully registering or signing up. Be aware that the mining quota will decrease in time. So, start mining now.

Step 2: Then go to Mine at the bottom of the site.

Step 3: Click on Mine UBA. You will then be able to see the UBA Mining progress as shown in the image below.

Note: YOU CAN LEAVE the web page open on your phone and start mining. When you close the page, you can click mine UBA to open it again to keep mining.

Don’t delay. Get all of your UBA quick

To remove or collect your Mined UBA please follow the steps in the following steps:

  • Select “harvest” whenever you’d like to take the UBA that you have mined. UBA.
  • You will then be able to see your UBA accumulating underneath “Your UBA”.
  • Also, you will see the quotas in UBA which you could mine in “UBA quota”.


There is a good reason to believe that the Universal Basic Asset Token will play its own benefits within the WEB 3.0 social space and create a new social ecology. In addition, it could also provide positive benefits to those who have been paying attention to the project at the beginning. Spend a little time each day exploring online mining. We are looking at the upcoming start of UBA on the main network, to enable the widespread circulation of UBA Token and bring value for everyone.

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