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Best E-commerce Tools to Grow Your Online Business

Best E-commerce Tools to Grow Your Business

E-commerce tools help in running and managing online businesses effectively. You can use them to manage several business operations and processes like customer inquiries, inventory tracking, processing payments, and fulfilling orders.

In this competitive business landscape, it’s challenging to build an e-commerce store without using reliable tools and resources. You need to have technical skills, budget, and SEO abilities for it. These e-commerce tools are a great way to demonstrate authority and credibility, promote business or products and increase sales.

Here, we have mentioned some of the best e-commerce tools for your ease along with tips that help you grow your online store in a proper way.


With drag-and-drop tools and over 500+ ready-made templates, Wix makes it easy for anyone to build their own website. You can develop your site with no previous web development experience. Use the service as a DIY eCommerce website builder to get assistance with design and functionality on an ongoing basis.

It is an excellent e-commerce platform for small business owners, easy to use, and starts at a relatively low price. However, whether it would be the best option for your specific needs depends on what you need from the platform.

There are 3 different business plans offered by Wix: Business Basic for $23, Business Unlimited for $27, and Business VIP for $49. Higher-tier plans offer more features for those who need them.

Square Online

Square Online provides opportunities for every size of business with free and paid plans. They charge for their services based on the number of transactions made throughout the month.

It enhances content and solutions for virtually any industry, Square Online might be just what you need to build a competitive online shopping experience for your customers.

Square Online has a free plan that fits the needs of any business size. When you sell on Square Online, you will benefit and bonuses to make your listings stand out.

Square Online offers a great deal with value at just $12/month. It provides a free domain with site statistics, unlimited storage, and bandwidth.


CrazyEgg is a tool that let you see what people are actually doing on your website. It provides analytics for individual pages, like which parts of the page they have clicked and mouse movements.

All you have to do is insert the code into the HTML of the page, and Crazy Egg will do all the work from then on. It will provide live stats that explain what people have done on those pages.

Crazy Egg is easy to set up on any website and accesses the site through code. Monitor any number of pages, with a free account limit of 4 monitored pages.


Yotpo is an e-commerce marketing platform that helps you build lasting customer relationships. The platform creates experiences, which has proven to drive growth results.

As a free version or as a Premium version, Yotpo allows gathering user-generated data for growth traffic results.

Yotpo provides social proof in reviews form and referrals to help increase your users’ trust. You can build your personal brand for an E-commerce website.

The Yotpo integration for your website will make it possible to collect, distribute and analyze customer thoughts and feelings from multiple channels. You will be able to engage with customers more effectively and convert them into paying shoppers with the extraction of informative reviews and smart user displays.


WooCommerce is a powerful e-commerce plugin for WordPress that makes creating and managing an online store quick and simple for anyone. Who needs complicated coding when you have WooCommerce? Tools like inventory management and tax information provide a seamless experience, making it easy to connect with customers.

One of the best things about WooCommerce is that it’s free to use. As a new retailer, you may wonder how much you should invest in an e-commerce platform. Your first priority is to find something that will serve your needs and not break the bank. However, just because a platform free doesn’t mean it won’t have all the features you need to succeed. 


Squarespace is a website design and web development tool that helps companies build a robust online presence. Squarespace is able to build your portfolio personal brand or create your unique e-commerce website.

Squarespace includes various tools like email marketing, logo design, and even creating a cover page. That’s why it’s perfect for any offline selling strategy. You can even integrate your Squarespace site with Square to make the process seamless.

There’s no free plan for you to use Squarespace offers 14 Day free trial. You don’t have to worry about using third-party plugins and apps with Squarespace builder. You’ll be able to completely customize your site that fits your needs with this platform. You’ll also get a dedicated website analytics package included using the platform.

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