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What is Substack? How to Get Started with It?

What is Substack

Looking for a way to turn your passion for writing into an income stream?

Then Substack is the right option for you! If you are new to this platform, keep reading the article and learn how you can make money with Substack.

What is Substack?

Substack is an online platform designed specifically for creators to publish and monetize their work through subscription newsletters. It caters to writers, journalists, podcasters, and other creative minds who want to build a direct relationship with their audience. Substack handles how people pay and gives you ways to talk to your fans. Substack is liked by writers who want to be free and earn money.

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How to Get Started with Substack?

Here is step by step guide to create a Substack account and monetize your writing work effectively:

Visit the Substack Website

To start using Substack, go to their website. Open your internet browser and click “substack.com” in the address bar. Press Enter to go to the Substack homepage. Here, you’ll see a website made for writers, journalists, and creators like you. Look around to see what Substack offers. You’ll find examples of newsletters, stories of success, and info about how Substack helps you share your ideas. Whether you’re new to writing or experienced, Substack’s website is where you can start. You can publish your work, talk with your readers, and make money.


Sign Up

Starting with Substack is fast and straightforward. Firstly, go to their website and tap on “Sign Up.”

Substack Account

Then, enter your email, pick a username, and make a password.

Check your email for a message from the Substack, and click the link inside to ensure your email is genuine. Now, you are set to go! Use Substack’s dashboard to create your newsletter.

Select a name and web address that’s all about you. When you are finished, please share your work with others so they can subscribe and read it. You’re on your way to making and sharing newsletters with Substack.

Create Your Publication

Making your publication on Substack is easy. After you log in, click “New Publication.” Then, type in some simple info like your publication’s name and web address. Pick a name that fits your writing and a web address that’s easy to remember. You can also write a short description to tell people about your publication. After you finish that, you can change how your publication looks and works. Substack has lots of ways to make it match your style. When you’re happy with everything, tap “Create Publication.” Now, you can start sharing your writing with everyone.

Set Up Your Newsletter

Creating your newsletter on Substack is simple. Once you have made your publication, go to the dashboard and select “Newsletter” on the side. Then, click “Write” to start your first newsletter. Substack has an easy editor where you can type, add pictures, and make it look nice. Before you send it, see how it will look to your subscribers. You can also choose when to send it. Use Substack’s gadgets to talk with your readers, like letting them leave comments. When you are happy with your newsletter, tap “Publish” to forward it to everybody who subscribed. That’s it!

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Build Your Audience

Growing your audience on Substack is essential. First, tell people about your newsletter on online platforms, your website, or other places where your readers hang out. Ask your current subscribers to tell their friends about it, too. Please talk with your readers by replying to their comments, emails, and messages. You could also team up with other creators or join groups where your audience is. Keep giving your subscribers good stuff to read so they stay interested and tell others about it. Use Substack’s unique features, like content for subscribers or special deals, to get more people to sign up. It might take a while, but keep at it.

Monetize Your Content

Making money from your content on Substack is essential to earn from your work. One source is asking people to pay for access to your newsletter. You can also offer free content and invite readers to support you by donating money or buying extra stuff. Working with brands or advertisers for sponsored content is another source to make money. You could also create unique content or features for subscribers who pay more. Remember to tell your readers clearly if you are getting paid to talk about something. Try different sources to make money and see what works best for you and your readers.

Engage with Your Subscribers

Talking with your subscribers on Substack is essential to keep them interested. Answer their comments, questions, and messages quickly to show you care about what they say. You could also make polls, surveys, or Q&A sessions to get them involved and hear their thoughts. Share stories or unique stuff to make them feel connected to you. Let your subscribers help by featuring their ideas in your newsletters. You could also have live events or chats where they can talk with you in real time. Use Substack’s tools to have private conversations or discussions just for subscribers. You can make strong friendships and build a group that supports your work by talking with your subscribers.

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Grow Your Publication

Growing your publication on Substack is essential to reaching more folks and making a more significant effect. First, tell more people about your newsletter on an online platform, website, or other places where people hang out online. Ask the people who like your stuff to tell their friends about it, too. You could also collaborate with other creators or write for other blogs to reach new readers. Give your subscribers unique stuff or perks to keep them interested. Please talk with your readers by replying to their comments, emails, and messages. Keep trying new things and listening to what your readers like to improve your newsletter.


Substack is an excellent place for writers, journalists, and creators to share their ideas and connect with people. First, follow our discussed steps, like signing up and talking with your subscribers. Whether you are new to writing or have been doing it for a while, Substack has easy tools to help you share your work. Keep trying new things and listening to what your readers like. With Substack, you can grow your audience and make a difference online by telling stories and building a community. There are many ways to be creative and connect with others on Substack.

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